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Retail Package Branding

At Made By Molli, we understand that in the world of retail, your brand’s packaging is more than just a protective shell; it’s your first impression—a promise of what’s inside. Our Retail Branding package is your gateway to creating packaging that not only suits your product needs but also positions your brand for success.

The Value of Retail Branding

In the retail world, your customer’s first perception is everything. Whether on the shelves of physical stores or in your e-commerce shop, that initial glance at your product can either be “love at first sight” or a missed opportunity. We make sure it’s the former. Your brand’s look, feel, and product styling matter, and it’s our mission to ensure you’re covered.

Tailored Packaging Development:

Our experts work closely with you to develop packaging that not only protects your product but also aligns with your brand’s identity and product positioning. Your packaging becomes an extension of your brand story.

International Standards:

We adhere to international packaging standards, ensuring that your product packaging meets the highest quality and design benchmarks, both in appearance and functionality.

What We Offer

Add-ons: Production Photoshoot

Production photo shoot After creating a stunning product design, we understand the need to share your new look with the world. Allow us to organize and create these new assets for you with a production photoshoot. The end deliverables from your photoshoot include: a mood board, design, and procurement of props, cataloged product photographs, and positioning for social media content.

Why choose Made By Molli for Retail Package branding?

In the world of retail, packaging is the first handshake your brand extends to your customers. Our Retail Branding package is the key to ensuring that handshake is firm,  memorable, and enticing. We don’t just design packaging; we create experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Ready to make your products stand out and create packaging that tells your brandstory? Contact us today to discuss how Retail Branding can elevate your retail brand and captivate your customers’ hearts.

Your Project ScopE & Cost

Final deliverables for your Retail Package Branding include:


  • Market and competitor research.

  • Design sketches.

  • Prototype development.

  • Materials and print consultations.

  • 3D renderings.

  • Collaboration with manufacturers/printers.

  • Quality checks and revisions.

All prices quoted in USD

Image by Julian Christian Anderson

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