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Made by Molli is a boutique branding and business development agency, committed to premium brand design, creative solutions and business strategies, for businesses who are ready to own their space in the global market.


Our Background

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We pair sound business strategies with world-class visuals

Creative Subscription Service

Our Content House functions as an elite white-label distributor of private, remote Creative Departments, equipped with the required resources, technology, & time for constant creative output.  These departments are outsourced to our clients, saving them millions in the responsibility of building out their in-house creative teams.  Made By Molli enlists high-performing creatives, who operate on a retainer basis, to manage and serve our clients on a daily basis, saving them the time and resources needed for creative team management, while securing consistent brand representation at all times.

Branding Services

Brand Strategy & Design is Made By Molli’s foundational service, and it is offered through various packages for clients to choose from, based on their goals and budget. The intention of this service is to get businesses prepared from a visual standpoint, to enter their market spaces with the confidence and ability to communicate to, and attract their target audience.

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Our Management Team

Entrepreneur  | Creative Director  |  Web Design Stylist  |  Brand Strategist   |  Positioning Specialist  |  Brand Designer 


Joy-Ann Johnson, is the principal of Made By Molli, and is a premier brand development expert and is known in the creative-sphere as Molli, is a digital creative & brand designer with a brilliant eye and undying love for all things design. Joy-Ann’s professional creative journey began 11 years ago with event flyers and small invitations for events. She is  committed to luxury brand design, strategy and management, serving only regally ingenious solutions, for the best and brightest brands.

​With now, well over 10 years of professional experience, she has traversed the realms of commercial creative spaces, dabbling in everything from print advertising to digital marketing campaigns, gaining the bulk of my experience from local and international titans: Clarence Dutchie, Benlar Foods, PROVEN Wealth, Loop Jamaica, Digicel Group and Buzz Caribbean Magazine, as well as over 100+ other personal and SME projects. Joy-Ann is an explorer of sorts, always open and ready for the next delightful adventure on her path.

Joy-Ann holds a Bsc. in Information Technology with a Major in multimedia, and prides herself on Client Care, boasting a personal 40% return rate of recurring clients.

Joy-Ann Johnson

Serial Entrepreneur | Creative | Supply Chain Strategist | Product Development Architect | Agribusiness Specialist | Business Development Strategist 

Craslyn Benjamin is a Serial Entrepreneur and Creative who began small backyard farming with her grandfather Clarence Benjamin and is now farming and producing on a global production level. She seeks to model and invest in the development of agribusinesses, agriculture and the health and beauty sector particularly through her company, Clarence Benjamin Group.  

Craslyn has garnered over ten years of experience in the shipping and allied industry and has over eleven years of experience in export marketing and international trade. She has worked with companies such as the Pacific Coast Fruit Company (Oregon & Seattle), and Grace Foods International as a supply Chain Strategist distributing products within the central Caribbean, Europe, and the United States markets. She has extensive experience working with mid-market and large enterprises facilitating restructuring, lean thinking, product innovation, lean business model and strategy development, new product development, recipe formulation and go-to-market implementation.

Craslyn holds a Diploma in International Shipping and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Caribbean Maritime University. She is an Official Richard Branson Centre Legacy Entrepreneur, UN Women MCO- Caribbean Yemanja Alumni and President Barack Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Alumni.

Craslyn Benjamin
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