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Clarence Dutchie


April 2023

Clarence Dutchie is the first, authentic, premium Jamaican cuisine brand to storm to shores of London, fresh from home soil. Clarence Dutchie is built on the 101 year legacy of a Jamaican farmer, entrepreneur, husband, friend and father: Clarence Benjamin. Clarence, the grandfather of our proprietor, Craslyn Benjamin, is the foundation upon which we tell this century's old tale of Jamaican culture and ancestral practices, through recipes handed down by word of mouth for generations.

​Clarence's background in farming is the seed through which this brand was born, and continues to grow through his unshakable insistence on excellence, tradition and the boldness Jamaicans are so well known for.

​Clarence Dutchie exudes a rich, vintage spirit, wizened with Jamaican history. The stories we tell through food began long before us, passing from grandparent to child since time immemorial. And through our brand's vision, this handing down of heritage will continue long after we are gone, as we immortalize and preserve our rich culture of food and flavour, in generations to come

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