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Born Joy-Ann Johnson, but known affectionately in creative spheres as Molli, I am Founder and Lead Creative of Made By Molli - a boutique branding agency,  committed to luxury brand design, strategy and management. Serving only regally ingenious solutions, for the best and brightest brands, guided by the north-star:

Breathe Luxury  |  Become Iconic


Where it all began



My passion for brand development started with my fascination with logos.  I begin all my logos as sketches and little doodles;  a habit I subconsciously picked up long ago from my mother.  As a child my mother would sit on long phone calls with friends and relatives on the house phone.  This was in the mid-nineties, in rural Jamaica when wireless phones were not yet popularized.  Growing restless, mommy would grab the nearest piece of paper that was sometimes even a napkin, and begin to sketch. 


She would doodle for what seemed like hours.  I would sit by her watching her fill papers to their edges.  When she ran out of space I’d get her something else to sketch on so I could continue to watch in fascination.  Later on in my college years, the script would be flipped, as I showed her how we could convert our paper sketches into digital vectors, then logos and even entire brand identities. Bridging the gap between the paper-dependent years of the nineties, into the digital era became a bonding exercise for us.

The influence of her phone call habit never left me, and over time it formed the fundamental basis of my career.  It was those magical moments of art coming full circle on which we would bond on the years prior to her passing.  Mommy is no longer with us anymore, but her passion for the art will carry on throughout my life.


I continue this for her... for us, sharing our creative spirit with the world.


My Claim to Fame


Brand Strategy &


Brand Design

Print Campaign Design

Digital Campaign Design


  • Strategic Planning

  • Concept Creation & Writing 

  • Brand Model Development

  • Visual Quality Control

  • Psychology-Driven Branding

  • Brand Growth 

  • Strategic Thinking


For Her


In my personal experience, I have spent years struggling to create a cohesive and intentional strategy around my business and brand.  This seemed to me at the time, a great irony because I've always had brilliant brand visuals.  However, there was absolutely no cohesion, and without a strategy I could not monetize the brand to its full potential.  Scaling a premium business without a strategic Brand Blueprint is simply not possible.

Without a strategy in place, I was never confident enough to scale or market Made By Molli.  My tone, packages & pricing said one thing, while my business visuals said another -  there was definitely a divide. And as a result, I was unable to niche and grow in the way I desired to.

My business had definitely hit a plateau, and I was never going to grow beyond it without brand clarity. I recognized that this was critical for my success, and so I paused everything else, and committed to building a strategy that would connect me with my dream results.  This is how I developed my BRAND BLUEPRINT - a process that took me from confusion and stagnancy, to complete and unshakeable confidence.


If I can gain clarity to grow my business so can you. Together we can develop hyper-targeted, psychology-driven brand strategies, to bring you the same clarity in under 30 days. I’ve made it my mission to help daring businesses scale towards their intended results, with winning strategies and exceptional brand design.



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Unit #2 McKoys Plaza

Main Street Claremont P.O

Box 14, Saint Ann,


Tel: +1 876 236 9047

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