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SEREN can be described as a uniquely premium, Jamaican experience presented in the form of an exclusive villa. It stands as a getaway secreted off the beaten path, a home away from home, wrapping guests in comfort, while connecting them with the outside world, should they desire they desire to so. Its waves lapping against the shore, enshroud guests in an immersive experience of peace, and myriad of authentic Jamaica experiences, across the scope of the breath-taking premises. It is truly what a dreams are made of. SEREN is awe at first sight, and it is the mission of its Principals to re-create this astounding experience for all that venture within its walls.


SEREN's physical property and value proposition were sound and beautiful, however it lacked a memorable brand identity it needed to communicate it's essence to potential visitors, as well as memorabilia.


Made By Molli Int'l, developed a powered brand identity for SEREN under our Corporate Brand Package, thereby giving SEREN a strong and unforgettable brand icon paired with a soothing colour palette reminiscent of the experiences they sell to guests.

Our team also developed a line of product packaging for SEREN's gift and souvenir shop under our Retail Package Branding service.

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