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How to Write Killer Instagram Bios that Sell

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

3 Strategies to Captivate Your Audience & Win Sales

The time to create a powerful Instagram bio is not after you've made 174 awesome posts…it's before. I know, sometimes it’s easier to wait and do it later and I'm right there with you. But trust me when I say if you want the best results from Instagram marketing you need a strong bio that converts visitors into sales. This handy guide can show you how to save visitors from spending too much time trying to figure out what you do, and if you’re the right brand for them.

You might be tempted to include a lot of personal details in your Instagram bio, like the fact that you have 2 kids, are self-made, are a boss-babe, or a Sagittarius. But unless you’re selling products specifically targeted to people in these niches (ie. you’re selling to parents, or astrology clients), this information won’t help you to grow.

So focus on things your target audience really care about, such as how you can solve their problems and what makes your business their best choice. Let’s try to keep things clear and short. Stay away from cliches such as “woman-owned” or “If you don’t follow me now, you will be missing out”. Your bio should contain only relevant information about your business. At all times, the most important thing you can share is “how you can help, your audience”.

The Makings of An Effective Bio

More than a million new Instagram accounts are created every day, and the average person spends 13 minutes a day on the platform. That's a lot of time to share your business with customers who are ready to buy!

With millions of competing Instagram accounts out there, you need to stand out strategically and make sure that people know what your product is before they scroll on by. And you have about a 15-second window before they do. Here’s what you can focus on to get them to pay attention:

1. Specificity

It's tempting to just say what your account is about in general terms: "I sell unicorns.” But if you are going to be successful on Instagram, you have to get specific with what kind of unicorns you are selling. Where are you selling them and to whom?

Here are examples of Instagram accounts that nailed their specificity…notice what they are selling and to whom:

Who: Online Service Providers | What: how to earn more



Serving who: Singles | Serving them What: methods on how to heal, date and find a partner



Serving who: Product-Based Entrepreneurs | Serving them What: an understanding of e-commerce


Specificity erases any confusion, and gives your potential audience assurance that they’re in the right place.


2. Statistics

Adding statistics to your bio is always a bonus. You gain points for stating how many people you've helped, or how many units of your products you’ve sold, and even how many of your customers are repeat customers. This is the numerical version of specificity, and it gives your audience a reason to trust you. If you’ve done it for others, then you can do it for them too.

What: Social Media Business | & How much of it: $700M worth



What: Blue Light Blocking Glasses | & How much of it: Over 2000 pairs | Millions of dollars saved



What: Investments & Mentorship | & How much of it: 1.7 Billion Views Online



3. Social Proof

If you have any special skills, certifications, appeared on a tv show or any media, now is the time to brag a bit shine. Humans love social proof, if you have been accredited by a major institution, or hosted in popular media, this validates you in the eyes of the public. Don’t be afraid to name-drop either. Naming any celebrities, officials or large brands you’ve worked with (with their permission of course)goes a long way. Social proof will help convince others that they can trust you too.

Your "As Seen In" <insert magazine, talk show/podcast here> goes a long way.

As Seen In: WMag, Facebook Watch,


As Seen In: Fontana Pharmacies


Social Proof to some can feel like bragging, and not everyone is comfortable leading with their track record or list of conquests. However this is less about patting yourself on the back for your achievements, and more about letting your audience know it's okay to trust you because others have too.

An Instagram bio, while an incredibly tiny piece of your page, is a part of your brand strategy, and stands as the official 'first impression' people have of you on Instagram. That said, there are no hard and fast rules for what makes a good bio, but these 3 strategies have proven to go a long way.

I encourage you to bookmark this guide and refer to it for help in creating the best profile possible. If you prefer not to do it on your own, I include Instagram Bio Writing as a service in my branding packages for my clients. However, if you are not ready for the full commitment and would like to book me for your Instagram Bio Writing only. We can have a quick consultation on a Discovery Call.

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