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3 Things To Consider Before Investing in Brand Design

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

How to Know When It's Time

I've had the pleasure of connecting with many entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journey, many of which identified that think starting with their brand design, was the best way forward. And for many of us it really is. But it would be misleading of me to say that this is where every business should start, after all, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' pathway in the world of business.

So when exactly is the best time to "get your brand on"? That depends heavily on a few things, such as: your product/service type, your audience, your working capital, and your business model. All these factors weigh in, when it comes to deciding when the best time to burst through the gate, with a super-star brand identity, is. At the end of the day, professional branding is an investment, and when it comes to investing, timing is everything. Whichever brand strategist you work with owes you a responsibility, to consult with you on whether or not your timing is right.

In any case, branding is essential to the longevity of any current day business. So here are 3 quick things to consider before taking the leap:


Are your processes and foundations in place?

One of the most painful things that some entrepreneurs, including myself have experienced, is having effective brand design and messaging, that is completely unsupported by the business' internal processes. It hurts because everything is beautiful on the outside, but nothing on the inside works as intended. This is like having a brand new car that doesn’t drive at all, or that drives but breaks down every few minutes. This would make getting a new paint job at this time, a complete misallocation of investment. But this is what happens when we invest in the outer appearance before structuring internal processes that keep us growing and profitable.

Imagine your business is a vacation resort: your branding is the wall paint, your messaging is the landscaping - the outer stuff; but your procedures are the foundation, columns, roof and walls. You'll want to ensure that things inside are safe and solid before applying your paint and planting the flowers. Both are important for attracting your guests, but it’s ill-advised to focus on one while disregarding the other. Before branding your business, which will inevitably attract your target consumers, ensure the basics are complete: ensure your staff is trained, tighten up your customer journey, and of course you'll want to make sure your product is of top quality.


Where are you now?

Branding is always important, but knowing how important is it relative to where you are RIGHT now, is key. Can you bear to start your sales process without cohesive branding? Or is your product or service one that requires an immediate show-stopper identity to get you your first customer "through the door"?

I’ve worked with several businesses at both ends of the spectrum. There are some business models that can begin to sell and survive initially without even a basic brand identity. And there’re others, that cannot get off the ground without a solid brand strategy and image that allows them to compete efficiently. For these businesses, their customers will not even look in their direction unless they possess professional branding.

It’s very important to be aware of where you are and what your audience responds to before taking the leap. Making an informed decision as to whether or not you have to begin with branding or if you can hold off a couple of months, will go a long way for your growth and development.


If you’ve done your initial assessment and have decided that you are indeed ready to be branded, it’s important to make a solid investment. While it can be tempting to start in the cheaper end of the creative market, if you are ready to compete with large players you want to get the best start that you can.

If you skimp on your brand development, your peers will know, your staff will know maybe even your pets will notice, and right away audience will automatically rank you lower than your competitors in their eye. Your visual branding is your public perception. If you’ve assessed that it’s time for your to make the investment, it’s better to go big or to go home. This is definitely a "you-get-what-you-pay-for" kind of service. Which means you’re better off paying for the best.

In conclusion, starting your branding journey can be a thrilling time for your business. However, branding on any level, whether it be your business as a whole or just an introduction of new work, should not be done in haste. Today's world is ever-changing and it's important to ensure that you're making the right call right now. Hopefully this article has helped you get some insight on that.


If you're ready to begin and you’d like to learn more. You can view case studies of clients I’ve taken on this journey before to get an idea of what to expect before booking your Discovery Call, by clicking below.

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