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Relax and Post


Launched & Operational

Relax & Post is your dependable guide to hassle-free website development and online web presence creation; headed by a written communications whizz, who's decade-long expertise in web development. has catapulted her into the world of e-commerce. Relax and Post provides luxurious and aesthetic web spaces.



Though the brand dream was understood, the cohesive telling of the brand story was not present, and therefore the ideal clientele could not be communicated to.


Made By Molli developed the brand dream into a brand story that could now be communicated to the ideal clientele. By creating a visual system which weaved the value proposition into the visual presentation, the brand could now inspire confidence, class and consumer trust. As a result the client was able to increase her rates to match the new perceived brand value, maximizing sales and resting comfortably within her intended market space.

Relax and Post
Relax and Post

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