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Thanks again for meeting with me and Joy-Ann. We have carefully put together a brief roadmap of what we see is necessary to get you ‘Gregory Roberts’ structured as a brand and an icon.  

Personal branding is now more important than ever as we approach the age of digital revolution. We believe the work and legacy that you are building is phenomenal and can transform lives and businesses globally. What we recognize is missing is the evidence and digital footprint to sustain the works and investments that you are currently undertaking.

For you to have a strong brand, you will need a platform and so Joy-Ann and I through this proposal will recommend solutions through a strategic roadmap that will outline the requisite investments required to build out and maintain your brand digital assets. We've also included samples of similar projects completed in the past. This we know will assist you in achieving your business and professional objectives. 

Your personal brand is your legacy and your story.

How we can


From our research and conversation through our Discovery Call, we realized you have enormous content and status that we can use to position you as an icon within your industry. We would craft a strategy that’s fitting to your core objectives and use that as the premise for introducing ‘Gregory Roberts’. We recommend full implementation of the following as outlined per sample representations below:

Long Scroll Web Format Design + Content

Your website is the official home of your brand on the internet.  And like an actual home, it's in your best interest for your web page to make a great first impression on guests.

Your website should reflect and communicate the wealth of your work and accomplishments; this is the official stage where your identity is introduced to the world.

All your social media biographies will link back here.  We recommend getting started as early as possible, that we may secure the domain:, and begin building your digital home right away.


Professional Stationery

A professionally designed stationary deck is key in maintaining your brand presence and image across all communicative mediums.  Its important that your emails, written letters and business cards visually communicate the same message, with brand styling that's consistent with your website's.  Consistent representation is essential.

Email signnatures.jpg
CB - Business cards.jpg
CB- Invitation.jpg

Creative Direction for your Professional Photoshoot

From lighting and color grading, to posture and expressions, we will develop a mood board for your photographer to use as a guide in capturing your most impressive stance.  Please let us know if you need us to connect you with a photographer in your city.

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.44.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.45.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.44.27 PM.png

Maintenance and

An ongoing social media presence is a

requirement of maintaining a Digital Footprint.  Our team

can build out monthly strategies for implementation geared

towards keeping your audience engaged and expanding your

presence in the digital world.

Timelines & Milestones

Phase: Complete Brand Analysis

Activities: We would further analysis where you currently and identify key objectives to be implemented.

Completion: 2 days

Phase: Development of Custom Brand Strategy

Activities: Brand Guideline - develop a brand strategy to consist of guidelines for use of your brand.

Completion: 10 days

Phase: Implementation of Custom and Digital Brand Strategy

Activities: We will action the actual strategy developed. These include designing all necessary aesthetic, digital, and marketing assets. 

  1. Logo Design

  2. Letterhead

  3. Envelope

  4. Folder Design

  5. All other digital assets for website and blog

Completion: 3 days

Phase: Maintenance – Managing and maintenance of blogs, social media etc. 

Activities: Will maintain and grow your network through the following social sites:

  1. Social media – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook

  2. Website – blogs and updates

We’ll implement your custom branding strategy across all platforms, covering everything from digital presence to stationery templates.



Brand Creation and Development

[One-time Investment Cost]

- One Page Long-Scroll Website 

- Content and copy development for website

- Social Media creation and 'Launch Strategy'

- Brand Assets: logo, stationery etc.

- Photo Direction: mood board 

Work Desk_edited.jpg

Brand Maintenance and Growth

[Minimum Starter Package: Billed Monthly]

- LinkedIn, Facebook & Blog Management

- New quality followers monthly 

- A list of new leads to build your broadcast list so 

  you can own your audience

- Increased consultation meetings

*All prices in USD


Meet your Implementors


Craslyn Benjamin

Serial Entrepreneur | Creative | Supply Chain Strategist| Product Development Specialist| Agribusiness Specialist | Business Development Strategist | Branding Strategist 


Craslyn Benjamin is a Serial Entrepreneur and Creative who began small backyard farming with her grandfather Clarence Benjamin and is now farming and producing on a global production level. She seeks to model and invest in the development of agribusinesses, agriculture and the health and beauty sector particularly through her company, Clarence Benjamin Group, owner of brands such as Benlar Foods, Benlar Desserts, Benlar Meal Kits and Beje Lifestyle. 

Craslyn has garnered over ten years of experience in the shipping and allied industry and has over eleven years of experience in export marketing and international trade. She has worked with companies such as the Pacific Coast Fruit Company (Oregon & Seattle), and Grace Foods International as a supply Chain Strategist which involves distribution of products within central Caribbean, Europe, and the USA.  

Craslyn holds a Diploma in International Shipping and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Caribbean Maritime University. She is an Official Richard Branson Centre Legacy Entrepreneur and President Barack Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Alumni.


Joy-Ann "Molli" Johnson

Entrepreneur  | Creative Director  |  Web Design Stylist  |  Brand Strategist   |  Positioning Specialist  |  Brand Designer


Joy-Ann Johnson, known in the creative-sphere as Molli, is a digital creative & brand designer with a brilliant eye and undying love for all things design.


As the Founder and Lead Creative of Made By Molli - a boutique branding agency,  She is  committed to luxury brand design, strategy and management, serving only regally ingenious solutions, for the best and brightest brands

​With over 9 years of professional experience, she has traversed the realms of commercial create spaces, dabbling in everything from print advertising to digital marketing campaigns, gaining the bulk of my experience from local and international titans: PROVEN Wealth, loop Jamaica, Digicel Group and Buzz Magazine, as well as over 100+ other personal and SME projects.


Joy-Ann is an explorer of sorts, always open and ready for the next delightful adventure on her path.


Our Work

Here are a few Case Studies of brands we have build our in the past for your perusal.

Next Steps

Here are your next steps in moving forward with us:

  1. Accept the proposal as-is; or

  2. Discuss any changes with us

  3. Finalize and sign the contract

  4. Submit an initial payment of 50 percent of total project fee

Once completed, we’ll contact you to schedule a project launch meeting to make introductions and gather more information before beginning the implementation.

assorted-color pencil lot in white ceramic jar_edited_edited.jpg

This proposal is valid until May 20th 

Thanks for viewing!!!

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