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What's Molli Up To Now?

Molli Consults is a training series that I've been looking forward to for much of my of my career.  I promised myself that if I ever figured it out, I'd share my knowledge with other creatives.  Starting out as a young freelance designer in a developing country without prior coaching was a hellish experience for me in many ways.  Not being aware of foundational concepts such as Sales Cycles & Client Management Procedures which are the backbone of successful companies, left me at an absolute loss.

For many years balancing my love for the art, keeping clients happy, managing the business side of things and covering my bills was a brutal cycle that enslaved me to a really low quality of life.  Yes, I was doing what I absolutely loved - DESIGN.  But the lack of business structures and key processes kept me chasing invoices month after month, hoping to close enough projects to live better quality life, with no idea how to scale or standardize my pricing.

Work-Life balance was a dream to me and behind my beautiful designs was a world built on chaos.  In my Molli Consults series, I want to help other creatives who may be feeling that same burnout with minimal reward, which I've suffered from year after year.  Through my classes and e-books I want to help transform the industry for all creatives.

With 8 years experience, I've already walked the path and fought the battles.  Allow me to show you tools, processes and scripts that will change your creative life into the career of your dreams.  I hope to see you in class.

All my love,


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