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Made By Molli

Founder - Joy-Ann "Molli" Johnson

I am Joy-Ann Johnson, known in the creative-sphere as Molli.  I’m a digital creative & brand designer with a brilliant eye and undying love for all things design.

With a little over 9 years of professional experience, I’ve

traversed the realms of commercial creativity, dabbling in

everything from print advertising to digital marketing

campaigns. I’m an explorer of sorts, always open and ready for the next delightful adventure on my path.

About Made By Molli

Made by Molli is a boutique marketing and branding agency, committed to premium brand design, strategy and creative solutions, for businesses who are ready to own their space in the global market.

We serve sound and world-class design 

Brand Development

Creative Solutions

Brand Strategy & Design is Made By Molli’s flagship service, and it is offered through 2 packages for clients to choose from, based on their goals and budget. The intention of this service is to get businesses prepared from a visual standpoint, to enter their market spaces with the confidence and ability to communicate to, and attract their target audience.

The Dept. of Creative Solutions is an elite white-label distributor of private,

remote Creative Departments, equipped with the required resources, technology, & time for constant creative output.  These departments are outsourced to our clients, saving them millions of dollars in the responsibility of building out their in-house creative teams.  Made By Molli enlists high-performing creatives, who operate on a retainer basis, to manage and serve our clients on a daily basis, saving them the time and resources needed for creative team management, while securing consistent brand representation at all times.

Digital & Print Art

Made By Molli is in the process of developing digital and print-on-demand artwork via Etsy and our website.  This service is for customers who would like the Made By Molli art style, and would like to purchase printable or canvas art.

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