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This Virtual Showroom was created to display Made By Molli's Brand Strategy and Design in all its glory.  In alignment with our commitment to build memorable brands, this page displays the unfiltered ins and outs of our brand's architecture.

Unlike our Client Case Studies that give but a glimpse, in respect of client privacy, here we bare it all for you to witness the full force that can be leveraged by a powerful brand.

If you are in search of our Brand Guidelines for collaborative and promotional purposes, you may download it HERE.  If you prefer instead, to peruse our Brand's Visual Story, you may continue scrolling for your viewing pleasure.


The History of Made By Molli

Made By Molli was founded in 2014 by Joy-Ann Johnson, a self-made creative that started out designing college event flyers for her alma mater, UTech Jamaica.   Molli (affectionate dorm name), prided herself on making every design personally.  This was long before the the Department of Creative Services (MBM's private, elite creative team which mans the day to day crearive projects.  As a result the business name was born: Made By Molli.


Our proud heritage of sound branding began her, making artistry for our

college parties.

Mommy Say1
IRT IG Teaser
HardwineCountdown Today
Marlin Mayhem Alternate
Soca TherapyRegular
Unruly Rave Blue
The Whizz Legacy Teaser

Logo Forms

Small Made by Molli Logo Black.jpg
Molli Black O.png
MBM Horizontal.png

The heart of the brand is its commitment to power, luxury and beaty...the reward of leaving our awe.

Brand Archetypes

Royalty  +  Magician  

Brand Strategy

Touch briefly here on founder Molli and the pride that birthed the name....showcase the old flyers

Logo Forms

Small Made by Molli Logo Black.jpg
Molli Black O.png
MBM Horizontal.png

Brand Archetypes

Royalty  +  Magician  

The Magician and Royalty

Brand Essence

The heart of the brand is its commitment to power, luxury, beauty and the reward of leaving our clients in awe.






The goal is to a make my clients feel iconic and powerful, on and off the screen.

Brand Symbology

The Onyx

The Onyx is an umlaut.  An umlaut is mean to reference a character (in the alphabet) that has a different vowel quality...a part of a set, that is expressed differently.

For me, it represents a character that was for all intents and purposes supposed to fit in, but instead came out differently - this is the essence of who Molli is as a person.

The circle or "o",  represents unison, completion, a natural perfection, while the lower dot centers and balances the overall form.

Molli Black O.png

Brand Symbology

Classic Stripes

Made By Molli, which flaunts black and white stripes, represents an artist who stands for consistency, and the ability to flow.


It’s practical enough to stand the test of time, but fluid enough to to be relevant in any time and any place.


This minimal brand identity is the face that represents a resilient woman, primarily self made, and determined to make it in a world where she’s never quite fit in.  


Here to share her dramatic oddness with others, she has have always been determined to speak my creative truth.  This brand is one of power, beauty and mystique.

Small Made by Molli Logo Black.jpg